A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Giele has lived many adventures across the world. But has he discovered all of its secrets? Join him in his last journey, where wonders, dangers and friendships await!

A game about journey, fiction, and escapism.

This is the first time I write fiction in English, which is not my native language. So if you encounter anything weird or incorrect, I'll be more than happy to take note!


From freesound.org:

  • air_filter_04(slower) by Pixanaut
  • BronzeBell by Zabuhailo
  • Indoor Footsteps by dkiller2204

From videezy.com, Analog Static Stock Video in HD, by Beachfront.

From pixabay, TV white noise by TBIT


great_escape_linux.zip 109 MB
great_escape_osx.zip 108 MB
great_escape_windows.zip 94 MB


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The description is a bit deceptive, but ...
some call it the 'undiscovered country',
others call it the 'final journey'.

Short as it was, I liked the presentation.