We fear our facilities' bots are not secured enough. So whe hire you to manage them! Guide bots towards teleporters, and they'll be okay.

Don't worry, we will assist you in your task.

Use arrow keys to move and R to restart a level.

This game has been created in approximately less than 48 hours as a personal challenge. The randomly generated theme was Ministry of Security State.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags16-bit, Sokoban


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the text is really hard to read, its all cramped :(
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Woah, that is hardly readable indeed! Superpowers can unfortunately be pretty inconsistent with the way it renders fonts. Out of curiosity, what browser on what system are you using?

I can't guarantee to fix it though, as this is quite an old game. For now I suggest to skip the dialogs, the narrative of the game is not that much important, and the mechanics are (hopefully) self-explanatory. (the only important information on this screen is "RIGHT to continue")

im on firefox on a macbook. i figured out the controls but id like to be able to read it regardless. theres no fullscreen option, maybe That would fix it?

That's worth a try!

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it didnt work :( its still cramped. thanks for taking a look tho!

are the letters set to be bold? if theres a bold and a regular, maybe that would do it? idk