This game is an interactive course designed by the legendary game-designer Alexandre Pontaise. It will teach you how to create your own game, and become rich (sic).

Text and concept by: Alexandre Pontaise

Programming by: Itooh

This game was released as an entry for the Meta Game Jam.

This game is sponsored by Blood Not Allowed, a musical narrative game about skeletons and jazz, by Itooh. Check it out!

Created with Superpowers.

Message from Itooh: I'm deeply sorry about this game! Once again, I do not endorse the views and opinions expressed by M. Pontaise. I only develop his games for personal interests. If you have any complaints, you can address them to me, and I will try to send them to M. Pontaise. I do not guarantee his answer though. He's not the kind of person who take critics well… It might be for the best that he doesn't read them.

Message from Alexandre Pontaise: Too many times have I seen the wrong games made by the wrong people! I decided to put a stop once and for all with this short tutorial. I hope this educative software will make see you how to properly make games according to my correct methods. And if you are still not sure how to make good games after this, You are always free to simply stop developing them. Also, if you happen to be a player, please buy my games. I always appreciate your money.

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TagsFunny, meta


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