A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Learn rhythm by practicing it! The Bongo Machine is a virtual bongo simulation that lets you play bongos with two buttons. There is no fail state: if you miss one measure, the song will simply loop back to let you master it. The Bongo Machine purpose is only to make you improve!

Rules: Repeat the lead's pattern


  • Left / Right: Play Bongos
  • R: Restart level
  • Escape: Back to menu

This beta contains the game's first level, with 3 ranges of dificulty. It does not have a save feature.


Due to a bug in Unity, the game suffer from audio stutter on Windows. The only way to make it disappear was to add some latency, which you can guess is terrible for a rhythm game. After trying to fix this, with no success, I've decided to simply move on.

Therefore, this is a public beta for an aborted project. I have some other games in mind, they deserve more attention than a broken concept.

You should preferably play this on Linux. The Windows version suffer from latency. I know this is unusual, I'm deeply sory for that. If you still want to try the game on Windows, it is possible, but you will have to cope with a slight delay. My only advice is to try to "anticipate" that and pushing buttons in advance.

Warning: I haven't been able to test OSX build. So I can't guarantee anything!


Made with Unity 3D


  • Bungee Regular
  • Born2bSporty (bitfontmaker2)

Bongo sounds effect from Freesound.org

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


bongo-machine_beta_windows.zip 19 MB
bongo-machine_beta_linux.zip 34 MB
bongo-machine_beta_OSX.zip 33 MB


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très intéressant, pianiste de formation je me suis amusé comme un petit fou :D tes vidéos sont aussi réussis que tes concepts, chapeau. Joué sur Windows et même si les rythmes collaient pas à 1000%, ca allait dans l'ensemble. Je rêverai d'un jeu avec plein d'autres instruments du même genre...


Merci ! Tu dois être le premier joueur à ma connaissance à être parvenu au bout du morceau. Eh, le jeu est peut-être surtout adapté aux musiciens…^^'

Les projets sur lesquels je suis en ce moment sont également basés sur la musique ! Avec une approche moins jeu de rythme qu'ici cette fois. Donc j'espère que tu y trouveras ton bonheur aussi ! :)