Tutorial update

Despite the difficulty drop since the jam version, a lot of players encountered some difficulties figuring out what they were supposed to do. The game is intended to be hard alright, but should not be a conundrum to understand!

Therefore I (finally) added a little tutorial at the beginning. It still has no instructions (I definitely want to avoid those), but it gives the player enough room to experiment, mess around, and eventually get the main mechanic!

That should make the game accessible to new players! Also if you've never beat level 0, you may succeed this time.

It's also a nice lesson about puzzle-design: don't be afraid to put puzzle in a boring environment. Too much activities around (ennemies, collectibles…) will just make players focus on the wrong things, and never actually take time to think. Even after realizing they keep repeating the same action! The best way to let players ask themselves "What am I supposed to do here?" is to allow them to do nothing.


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Aug 19, 2017

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