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Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again.

I can't even play this game its so hard for me . Haha. like Pong with 5 separate paddles. I like the concept though. Great work! I was worried when I read the instructions because I'm not big on non-intuitive controls but it wasn't as bad as you made it sound. 

Nice job. I finished the game and it felt very satisfying. What I think is lacking in the design is the distinction between notes. My strategy was to focus on each note at one time, and so it makes 3 distinct levels in one game if you get what I mean. 

You mean the three colors of note? If so, your strategy is actually the one intended: focusing on only one color, and ignoring the two others (actually they become some kind of obstacle). This way bars are filled one at a time. Unfortunately I feel like a lot of players are trying to hit absolutely every notes (which is nearly impossible). I think I need to find a way to encourage them to focus on one color / symbol only.

Thank you for playing!

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Step Out is the definitive game in the avant-garde jazz genre.  I wasn't sure if I was playing a game or creating a jazz masterpiece.  If you ever want to mix this with different styles of music, I'm in.  

That's nice to hear! I really wanted to create a pleasant music experience. I'm happy that you liked it!

While I don't intend to update this game, I make mostly musical games. Just like in this one, I want to let players create their own music through interactions. I certainly will continue to explore this idea!

Thank you very much!

Incroyable - on se surprend à réussir des moments improbables, et puis parfois ce qu'on tient se brise totalement. Il y a une dualité entre le moment où l'action se rythme se comprend, et le moment où tout s'est accumulé et empêche de survivre et on déraille sur les 5 touches : ) Bravo ! Très belle réponse à la Gamejam de MB !

Merci ! J'aime bien les systèmes qui échappent peu à peu au contrôle du joueur. Celui-là est un peu brutal dès le début, mais j'espère rigolo quand même.

This was super cute! It started off with just a cacophony of noise as I was learning the mechanics, but became semi-coherent as I got a handle of it while still making all sorts of mistakes. Really fun and imaginative.

I'm glad you had such a nice experience! Thank you very much for your feedback.